Since 1942



Understand your vision.  Creatively incorporate the best of what the Hudson Valley has to offer in your unique event experience.  Exceed your expectations...and then, thankfully, give back through service and donation.

Revenue from each event planned with Germantown Farms is thoughtfully reinvested so our community grows with us.

Event design and planning by Germantown Farms is overseen by Genette Picicci, PMP, a certified project manager.  Genette has over 15 years of experience managing large-scale corporate initiatives in the financial sector.  From global initiatives to US-based projects, Genette coordinates across time-zones, cultures and competing priorities to deliver the products her clients want.  These skills are leveraged when we design and plan your next event. 

Our success is due to strong partnerships with local businesses who work together with Germantown Farms to execute your vision.


Our History


Germantown Farms is the culmination of 4 families who, in as many generations, started agricultural or other entrepreneurial endeavors that shaped the Germantown community.

poultry farm.jpg

The Trotti Farm - 1951

Thomas and Evelyn Trotti moved from the Upper East Side to a 100 acre vineyard and orchard on Route 6 where they grew grapes, cherries, and strawberries. Their children and their families (Frank & Maria Trotti; Vincent & Antoinette Picicci) followed to call Germantown home. Frank and Maria owned and operated the corner store on Main Street & Church Avenue from ~1973 to ~1995.

Oehlke wedding.jpg


Genette Picicci and Vernon T. Oehlke serendipitously met in NYC only to find out they both have family ties to Germantown! In 2016, they got married on the farm and call it home.

 Germantown Farms includes generations of farmers, family and friends who have become family.  Each of whom has a part in delivering the authentic homegrown event you imagined. 


1942 - The Oehlke Farm

After emigrating from Germany ahead of WWII, Rudolph and Agnes Oehlke had a poultry farm and vegetable crop on Maple Avenue.  In addition, Agnes cooked fresh meals for the students every day at Germantown High School.  Agnes was such a great chef, she prepared food for Eleanor Roosevelt!


1960 - The Williams Farm

Mrs. Virginia Williams moved her family from Brooklyn to provide a relaxing home in Germantown for her children.  Her daughter, Julie, met Vernon Oehlke and in 1974, the young couple had their wedding reception at the family farm on Church Avenue.  This is still an active farm and continues to be where family gathers on holidays and summers.